The Bernoulli Society organizes or sponsors several meetings in the area of mathematical statistics and probability. Organizers of a meeting seeking sponsorship should email their request to the Bernoulli Society Scientific Secretary (see Who is Who in the Bernoulli Society for the email address), giving a short summary of the meeting details including dates. The Scientific Secretary will then ask Bernoulli Society Executive Committee to approve the sponsorship.

Bernoulli Society requires three things of a Bernoulli-sponsored meeting:

  • They display the Bernoulli logo in publicity;
  • They ensure there is a named Bernoulli Society member on the programme committee, who will ensure the meeting is publicized in Bernoulli News as a Bernoulli sponsored meeting and write a brief post-meeting report for Bernoulli News;
  • Finally there should be a reduced registration fee for Bernoulli Society members.

Subject to deadlines and to space being available, meetings sponsored by Bernoulli Society may submit short notices advertising their meetings for inclusion in Bernoulli News and Bernoulli e-Briefs. (See Who is Who in the Bernoulli Society for email addresses of the Editors of Bernoulli News and Bernoulli e-Briefs.)

Recent and future meetings

  • Brazilian School of Probability
    • XX EBP 2016 in São Carlos, Brazil, July 4-9, conference website.
    • XIX EBP 2015 in São Sebastião, Brazil, August 3-8, conference website.
    • XVIII EBP 2014 in Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 3-9.
    • XVII EBP 2013 in Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 4-10, conference website.
    • XVI EBP 2012 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, August 6-11, conference website.

  • European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS)
  • European Young Statisticians Meeting (EYSM)
  • Further meetings sponsored by the Bernoulli Society
    • Perspectives of Actuarial Risks in Talks of Young Researchers, Ascona, Switzerland, January 8-13 2017, conference website.
    • Semstat Statistical Network Science, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, March 6-10 2017, conference website.
    • XXXIV International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models, Debrecen, Hungary, August 25-29 2017, conference website.
    • High Dimensional Statistics, theory and practice, Fréjus, France, October 1-6 2017, conference website.
    • Statistics meets Friends: From Biophysics to Inverse Problems and back, Göttingen, Germany, November 29 - December 1 2017.
    • A list of past meetings.
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