The Latin American Regional Committee was created in the 80´s to promote regional cooperation in the fields of probability and mathematical statistic and their applications.

In 2007 the Latin American Chapter of the Bernoulli Society changed its name and structure to Sociedad Latino Americana de Probabilidad e Estadistica Matematica (SLAPEM) and continued being the LARC of the Bernoulli Society. Since then SLAPEM is also associated to the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). Every member of the Bernoulli Society in Latin America is automatically a member of SLAPEM.

Publications in Probability and Statistics in the Region

Some publications of Probability and Statistics in Latin America are:

  • ALEA, Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • BJPE, Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics
  • ESTADISTICA, Journal of the Inter-American Statistical Institute
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