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The Bernoulli Society New Researcher Award recognizes the work of outstanding young researchers in the fields of Mathematical Statistics and Probability. The awardees of this annual prize shall give a presentation in a special session at one of our major conferences, and will receive a funding towards travel and other expenses. Bernoulli News publishes their pictures and a paragraph about their work. Eligible candidates must be within 5 years from getting the PhD to the year when the assessment occurs. An extension may be given to those having had disruptions after receiving the PhD, such as parenthood. This prize is awarded to Bernoulli Society members only.

2019-2020 Edition Awardees:

Li Cheng



Honorable Mentions:


Previous Prize Recipients



The New Researcher Award is for Bernoulli Society members who are active researchers of mathematical statistics. The main goal of this award is to recognize innovative research by new researchers.

The applicants for this award were asked to submit a 3-page synopsis of their presentation, along with their CV by February 28, 2018. The response to this award call was fabulous - 34 applications were submitted many of which were very strong applications making the selection procedure extremely challenging. After evaluating each CV and synopsis, the award committee has chosen the following new researchers for the award:

Po-Ling Loh, University of Wisconsin-Madison;

Gongjun Xu, University of Michigan;

Lingzhou Xue, Pennsylvania State University.

Each of the awardees will deliver a 30-minute talk at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during August 18 - 23, 2019, and will receive funding from Bernoulli Society towards travel and other expenses.

Apart from the above awardees, Bernoulli Society is awarding honourable mentions to the following researchers:

Quentin Berthet, University of Cambridge;

Sebastian Engelke, University of Geneva;

Subhabrata Sen, Microsoft Research New England and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bernoulli Society would like to congratulate the above researchers and thank each and every applicant for their interest in the award.


Parthanil Roy, Bernoulli Youth Representative
Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India

Leonardo T. Rolla, Membership Secretary
Argentinian National Research Council and NYU-Shanghai

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