Bernoulli Prize for an Outstanding Survey Article in Probability or Statistics

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Probability and statistics are undergoing a substantial increase in both the breadth of scope and the mathematical technicality of many areas of specialization. There is a need for expertly written survey articles that will communicate an historic perspective on the successes, failures and general health of the area, as well as provide young researchers with a point of entry to the frontiers of the field. The Bernoulli Society plays a role in recognizing and communicating the importance of such scholarly efforts through a special award.

The Bernoulli Prize for an Outstanding Survey Article is to recognize authors of an influential survey publication in the areas of probability and statistics, respectively. The paper should be timely in addressing areas of active or emerging importance, but have been in circulation long enough for there to be evidence of its impact.

The award consists of the prize amount of 1000€ together with an award certificate. The amount may be adjusted in future years by joint request of committee chairs and approval of Bernoulli Council.

The combined awards are biennial. A paper in probability will be presented in a formal ceremony at the Bernoulli-IMS World Congress (BS-IMS-WC) in each year divisible by four. A prize for a paper in statistics will be awarded in each even year not divisible by four, and formally presented and formally presented at the ISI World Statistics Congress (ISI-WSC) in the following year.

Call for nominations in probability

The next call for nominations is not yet open.

Call for nominations in statistics

Nominations for the 2022 Prize is open now. The prize will be presented at the 2023 ISI World Statistics Congress. Nominations should include full name and email address of both the nominee(s) and nominator, as well as a pdf file of the published survey article in statistics. The nomination material should be emailed to Professor Qiwei Yao at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The nomination deadline is February 28th, 2021.

The 2022 Prize Committee:

Rina Foygel Barber, University of Chicago
Axel Munk, University of Goettingen
Qiwei Yao (Chair), London School of Economics

Eligible Articles

The article should appear in a peer reviewed journal or book, but may be in either print or electronic format. The chief editor where the paper appears will receive an official congratulatory letter of notification from the president of the Bernoulli Society.

Previous Prize Recipients

2012 Bernoulli Prize for an Outstanding Survey Article
Nathanael Berestycki
for the article
Recent Progress in Coalsescent Theory. Ensaios Matemáticos, v.16:1-193, 2009.

2016 Bernoulli Prize for an Outstanding Survey Article
Rémi Rhodes and Vincent Vargas
for the article
Gaussian multiplicative chaos and applications: A review. Probability Surveys, v.11:315-392, 2014.

2020 Bernoulli Prize for an Outstanding Survey Article
Alexei Borodin and Leonid Petrov
for the article
Integrable probability: From representation theory to Macdonald processes. Probability Surveys, v.11:1-58, 2014.



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