Members of the Bernoulli Society have free of charge access to the online versions back to Volume 1, Issue 1 in 1973. To also receive hard copies of the journal at reduced rates contact online the publisher Elsevier.
The rates for 2013 (same as in 2009) are: EUR 72 for European countries and Iran, USD 86 for all countries except Europe, Japan and Iran, and JPY 9,900 for Japan.

Since September 2012, the publisher Elsevier, as part of a policy to grant delayed free open access to many mathematics journals, has made freely available the complete backfiles of SPA (back to Volume 1, Issue 1). More details can be found in the free access announcement by Elsevier.

Following the negotiations which took place since 2007 involving the Bernoulli Society, the Editorial Board of the journal and Elsevier, the following advantageous changes regarding publishing and pricing policy have been agreed upon for this journal:

  • Delayed Free Open Access: each article becomes freely available to everyone four years after publication, back to 1995 under the Open Archives initiative. This initiative, effective since January 1, 2008, involves no charges or other costs to the authors. Elsevier accepts that authors deposit to ArXiv preprints of the final accepted version of their SPA-papers including all editorial changes. In fact, the editors encourage all SPA authors to do so, giving a clear reference to the journal SPA and, when the article will be published, a reference to the volume and page numbers.
  • All 'Science Direct' subscribers to the journal will have access back to 1995.
  • There is an alternative institutional subscription offering immediate electronic access but quarterly instead of monthly print delivery.
  • Reduced alternative institutional subscription prices for 2013 are JPY 183,000 for Japan; USD 1,550 for all countries except Europe, Japan and Iran, and EUR 1,381 for European countries and Iran.
  • Interested libraries that are not already Science Direct customers can contact their closest Regional Sales office. Subscriptions can also be ordered via your agent (agents will receive their regular agent discount). Libraries currently subscribing to Stochastic Processes and their Applications can change their existing subscription to the alternative model if they so desire.
  • The reduced alternative institutional subscription to SPA provides the same Science Direct access as the "standard subscription", including the new access back to 1995.
  • For further information visit Elsevier.

Further information on the latest SPA Sponsorship Agreement between Bernoulli Society and Elsevier (signed in 2011) can be found in the summary of the Sponsorship Agreement.

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