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Special lectures from major conferences sponsored by Bernoulli Society

62nd ISI World Statistics Congress (Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, 18-23 August 2019) YouTube channel: 43 videos, including an interview with Susan Murphy (Past President of the Bernoulli Society, 2017--2019)

41st SPA Conference (Evanston, IL, USA, 8-12 July 2019) YouTube playlist: 8 videos of plenary talks

37th SPA Conference (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28 July 28 - 01 August 2014) YouTube playlist: 16 videos of plenary talks


Video courses and seminars 

48th Probability Summer School, Saint-Flour (2018): 

Denis Denisov: Random Walks with Constraints (a short M. Belz course, The University of Melbourne, 2018; lecture 1/1; lecture 1/2; lecture 2/1; lecture 2/2; lecture 3/1; lecture 3/2)

London Probability Seminar

  • Hermann Thorisson: Coupling of Stochastic Processes (2013; part 1, part 2)
  • Andreas Kyprianou: An Overview of Processes with Branching (2013; part 1part 2)
  • Remco van der Hofstad: Small Worlds, Complex Networks and Random Graphs  (2014; part 1part 2)

Northwest Probability Seminar: session 1session 2

Robert Gallager's video course on Discrete Stochastic Processes (an MIT Open Course, 2011; 25 lectures) 

St. Petersburg School in Probability and Statistical Physics (18-29 June 2012) 

  • Greg Lawler: An Introduction to the Schramm-Loewner Evolution (lecture 1, lecture 2)
  • Greg Lawler: Self-avoiding Random Walks (lecture 1)

Turing Institute seminar

  • Gesine Reinert: Statistical analysis of networks (lecture)


 Historical recordings

The First World Congress of the Bernoulli Society (Tashkent,1986):

  • Video 1 (no mathematics, but one can see a few prominent members of our community, e.g. Yu.V. Prokhorov & K. Krickeberg at 5:54; B.V. Gnedenko at 6:00, 6:45; A.N. Shiryaev at 6:05; D.M. Chibisov and F. Götze at 6:14; V. Statulevičius at 6:18, S. Sirazhdinov at 8:28)
  • Video 2 (the closing ceremony; on the stage are: Yu.V. Prokhorov, J. Teugels, C.C. Heyde)

Andrei N. Kolmogorov: rare footage of Kolmogorov speaking, from 18:35 to 20:04 in "Andrei Kolmogorov" (a 2003 movie)

Marc Yor: Aspects on Brownian Montions and Applications in Asian Options (part 1part 2)


 Other collections

SAMSI (channel)

Turing Institute (channel)




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